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DN1800 Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Time: 2022-10-10

AFC developed a DN1800 Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve in Oct 2022. The dovetail shape rubber seat in the body has the advantage of a very low operating torque. This translates into a huge cost saving on electrical or pneumatic actuators. The ductile iron body and disc are very strong, which benefits reliability and lengthened service life.

DN1800 FBGD has following advantages:

● The valve is made of DI body and DI disc.

● Advanced new seat design with dovetail seal which is captured by an injected epoxy backing ring behind the seat. The seat has multiple ribs to have more contact with disc but less friction during closure. The seat can be repaired on site by injecting the correct epoxy resin behind the seat, via the injection ports, until the valve seals 100% leak tight again. All this can be done without removing the valve from the pipeline.

● The double eccentric design provides less contact area of seal with disc, and less stress on the seal at the open position of the disc.

● The arched shape disc design, with through disc flow, provides higher flow capacities than solid disc designs. The arch design disc is stronger and weighs less than traditional designs.

● The shaft and disc connection with tangential pin, which is exchangeable, provides a rigid connection.

● The boltless design of the seating mechanism has the advantage of easier seat repair and less corrosion problems due to the elimination of crevices.

● Epoxy coated interior and exterior.

● Valve design meets or exceeds EN 593.

● Top flange connection meets ISO 5211-1982, and F/F meets EN 558-1 series 13.