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Combination air valves on water transmission pipeline

November 07,2022

The danger of having air pocket in Liquid pipelines is aware by most of system engineers. Issues associated with air pockets in pipelines are as follows:

● Reduced capacity of pipeline as air pockets cause flow restrictions.

● Accelerated corrosion – oxygen/air vapour pockets

● Pipe breakages from waterhammer. Where air pockets are present they create the ideal spot for waterhammer events to break the pipe.

There are two ways to eliminate the air pocket in pipeline.

1.Counting on the velocity of flow to push the air to downstream. This is difficult because air accumulated in 5 degree inclined angle pipeline will need 2m/s water velocity to push out.

2.Using the combination air release valve. This is the most efficient and useful way to release the air pocket.

Air valve designs have evolved over the years where initial concerns revolved around better capacity to gain commercial advantages. In the last ten years or so some novel designs have ensured that air valves are not able to “slam” shut during filling operations and which used to cause severe waterhammer events. AFC’s air valve series meet customer’s expectation to solve most of the working condition for air valve. Anti-shock air release valve can help to reduce water hammer. Combination Air Release Valve can solve the problems stated above.