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Control valves for Pressure Management

February 22,2024

By Peter Telle

Pressure management has become a crucial tool to reduce water losses in pipe networks.

It brings almost instant results at a relatively low cost. The theory is that if you reduce the pressure in a network to the lowest practical pressure:-

● The volume of water lost from existing leaks will be reduced.

● There is less likelihood of new leaks developing.

But, it’s not set-and-forget. Pressure must be adjusted to match flow demands. Electronic pressure controllers do this in two ways:-

● Time modulated. You program the high and low demand periods into the controller. The controller allows for normal pressure during high demand periods. It lowers the pressure during the low demand periods.

● Flow modulated. Pressure is adjusted continuously based on flow. This is more expensive up front because it needs a flow meter in the PRV installation, but water savings are optimized. 

AFC Pressure Management Valve

The AFC Pressure Management Valve is unique in that it allows either time or flow modulated pressure management. It is a totally self-contained system. It requires no external power source. It can be battery driven, or tap power from pressure reducing valves. Access to set or adjust the system can be done remotely

Control valves for Pressure Management