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Making electricity from water

July 05,2024

Most people imagine massive dams with long expensive approval processes when if they think about generating electricity from water.

But, there is energy available in every pipeline. The kinetic energy from the flowing water can be converted into electricity.

We’ve developed two water-powered generators to harness some of this energy.

● The smaller generator (MPGX) is often used for charging batteries on “smart” PRV controllers.


● The larger (IHPG) puts out enough power to open or close any electrically actuated valve.


This is particularly useful for remote installations like reservoirs which are often far from an existing electricity supply.

Using a hydraulic power generator offers two main advantages over the usual alternative – solar panels.

● They’re less likely to be stolen because they’re not an attractive target for a thief, and they can be secured in a valve chamber.

● Performance doesn’t degrade because of expose to the sun.