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Pressure Management Valve – Saving NRW (non-revenue water) by pressure control.

September 05,2022

Why choose  the Pressure Management Valve

Generally, NRW (Non-Revenue Water) nationwide is around 30-45%. and newly developed area are around. By reducing NRW, general practice is by installing various types of Leak Detectors, Data Logger, Pipe replacement or repairing, which are very costly. Based on field experience, water pressure and NRW rate is closely related in pipeline, reducing or optimizing pipeline pressure can reduce NRW accordingly. Our products the pressure management valve– saving NRW by pressure control.

Advantages of the pressure management valve

Alpine Flow Control (AFC Valve) has provided a robust product named pressure management valve which has Bluetooth to connect with mobile phone controlled by APP and another option is to use 4G to connect to cloud system for remote control. Setting pressure based on time is the most efficient way to reduce the NRW. It’s battery operated and can last for 5 years.


Following are the real cases


We also have other valves, such as Combination Air Release Valve  and anti-shock air release valve.Please contact our valve manufacturer if you need.
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