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Why it is important to have full flow area for air valves when negative pressure in pipelines?

September 01,2022

It is important for consultants and designer to understand the need of protection of water pipeline from negative pressure occurring to prevent pipe drainage or burst.

The dangers of negative pressure

The negative pressure may lead to the entrance of contaminated water into the system, pipe collapse, cavitation and column separation because the negative pressure can be just as damaging to the network as high pressure.
The air flow capacity through air valves depends on the effective section of the air flow area, following physical laws and mathematical formulas. Consultants should therefore always base on the air flow charts provided by the manufacturer to sizing. We have a wide range of air valves, such asCombination Air Release Valve,anti-shock air release valve,anti-shock sewage air release valve,etc.

Why choose the air intake

The bigger air intake capacity when negative pressure happened, the safer to protect pipeline away from damage. In this case, full flow area for air valve is very important to have enough capacity for air intake. With Alpine Flow Control’s combination air release valve model KARX, it gives you full flow area. When negative pressure occurred, it has a great capacity to suck air into pipeline to prevent damage.
KARX is made of ductile iron and stainless steel 304 for internals. It has screen to prevent insects and other stuff coming into air valve when air intake. The EPOXY coating give the great capability to prevent corrosion.
In addition to air valves,we also have other products, such asnozzle check valve,flexible check valve,automatic control valve,irrigation control valve
,and Float Control Valve,etc.If you need to contact the manufacturer


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