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EN1074-2 gate valve

EN1074-2 Gate Valve: Overview, Features and Benefits. The EN1074-2 is a type of gate valve that is widely used in water supply and distribution systems, as well as in various industrial applications. This valve is designed to control the flow of fluids and gases, and to provide reliable service even under demanding conditions. We will explore the features and benefits of Alpine Flow EN1074-2 gate valve, and how they can be used in different situations.

Overview of EN1074-2 Gate Valve


Is an Internationalcriterion for resilient-seated entrance valves along with outlet and alsospigot sides for make use of in supply of water and also circulation devices.This criterion deals with valves along with DN 40-2000 and also PN 10-25. Thisimplies that Alpine Flow EN1074-5 control valve entrance are actually on call in a wide variety ofdimensions and also stress rankings, producing all of them suited for each tinyand also huge requests.


The EN1074-2 gatevalve is a kind of unidirectional valve that regulates the move of liquid inone instructions, coming from upstream to downstream. It is a full-bore valve,which implies that the interior size of the valve coincides as the interiorsize of the pipeline. When completely available, the valve permits unobstructedmove of liquid, which decreases stress fall and also power reduction.


EN1074-2 entrancevalves are made along with a resilient-seated entrance, which delivers alimited secure also under low-pressure problems. The entrance is actually madefrom a rubber-like product, including EPDM, which is immune to deterioration,abrasion, and also chemical assault. The resistant entrance is additionallymade to avoid sprinkle hammer and also sound during the course of function,which boosts the life-span of the valve and also lowers routine servicing setsyou back.


EN1074-2 entrancevalves are commonly run through a handwheel or even a equipment driver, whichdelivers handbook management of the valve. They may additionally be geared upalong with an electrical or even pneumatic actuator, which enables remotecontrol or even automated management of the valve. The actuator may be utilizedto available and also shut the valve, and also to manage the move of liquid.

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Socket and Spigot Ends

Thesocket and spigot ends are designed to facilitate easy installation andmaintenance of the Alpine Flow gate valve. They can also be used to connect the valve to otherpipeline components.

Corrosion-Resistant Materials

EN1074-2 water gate valve from Alpine Flow are made of materials that are resistant to corrosion, abrasion,and chemical attack. This ensures a long lifespan and reduces maintenancecosts.

Low-Noise Operation

The resilient-seatedgate and full-bore design of the valve help to reduce noise and water hammerduring operation. This makes the Alpine Flow valve suitable for use in residential areasand other noise-sensitive environments.

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