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Bidirectional butterfly valve

There are various advantages to using a bidirectional butterfly valve, whether you are replacing existing butterfly valves or seeking for a solution for a new application.

Increasing their range of applications

One way that valve makers are responding to market demands is by expanding their variety of uses for bidirectional butterfly valves. These valves are frequently used in water supply and cooling systems. Furthermore, butterfly valves are used in the oil and gas business.

The oil and gas industry has expanded demand for butterfly valve in recent years. The increased demand for automation in industrial processes has also aided the expansion of this industry. Butterfly valves are also widely utilized in power systems, fuel handling systems, and water handling applications.

The great performance of these valves is one of its primary characteristics. They have proprietary seat and seal technology to reduce leaking. Furthermore, the valves are lightweight and long-lasting. They can also be employed in aggressive media applications. They are also certified in accordance with the EPA Method 21 minimal leakage guidelines.

These valves are suited for applications involving steam, water, gas, and other liquids. They also enable for positive shutdown with either direction of flow.

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