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Double flanged butterfly valve

Choosing a double flanged butterfly valve for your plumbing system is the first step to finding a quality valve that works in your specific application. You will be able to choose from a variety of styles, such as soft seated, semi-automatic, and metal-to-metal seated. You will also be able to choose from a variety in design, including offset discs and a fully lined design.

Metal-to-metal seated

Metal-to-metal seated butterfly valves are among the most adaptable of the several varieties of butterfly valves that are available. They are capable of withstanding high pressures and temperatures because they were developed specifically for use in heavy-duty applications. They are comprised of a few components and have a straightforward design. They find their most common application in fields that work under intense pressure.

They are offered in single, double, and even triple offset patterns to choose from. In industrial gas applications, the double offset design is utilized the vast majority of the time. From the center line of the valve body, the double offset butterfly valve is offset in both directions. This configuration results in the creation of a second offset, which performs the function of a mechanical stop.

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Unlike globe valves, manual double flanged butterfly valves are not as heavy and require less space. However, they are a bit time-consuming to operate. Manual valves require a handwheel and a gear system to operate.

This type of valve also contains an elastomer seat to provide a tight seal. The seat is connected to the valve disc through a spline shaft. The resiliency of the seal prevents leakage. The seat is also designed to withstand compression forces.

The resiliency of the seal also enables minor body deformations during temperature fluctuations. The seal also energizes according to the compressive force. This helps in a uniform wedging effect.


Typically, butterfly valves are used for fire protection, water purification, air conditioning, and heating ventilation. These valves are designed to be robust and long lasting. They are also renowned for their slick seal design. In addition, they are very easy to install. They are available in various sizes and designs. They are a good choice for any application requiring a low pressure drop and high performance.

The main components of butterfly valve are the body, seat, and disc. A good quality disc will protect the valve from water hammer and pressure surges. In addition, the disc should be designed to handle high differential pressures.


Generally, a butterfly valve is used to open and close a pipe. These valves are widely used in water and electricity piping. These valves are also used in the piping of drugs and medicines. They are available in different designs and materials. Some of these valves are corrosive, but others are non-corrosive.

Concentric double flanged butterfly valves are available in a variety of materials. They can be made from cast iron or duct iron. They are also available in carbon steel. These valves have a pressure rating and comply with NF EN1074-1 and DVGW standards.

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