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Double offset butterfly valve

The Double Offset Butterfly Valve is a high-performance valve used in industrial, commercial, and applications that are residential. Besides that, discover why Alpine Flow's product is the top choice of professionals, for example Non Revenue Water control valve. It really is a popular sort of butterfly valve because it can withstand high pressures, high temperatures, and corrosive fluids. Its unique design provides a shut-off that is bubble-tight minimizes flow turbulence, rendering it well suited for water treatment, gas and oil, chemical, and petrochemical industries. This valve is an part that is essential of piping system where flow control is essential.

What is a Double Offset Butterfly Valve?

A Double Offset Butterfly Valve is a type of valve with a design that is unique. Additionally, experience the excellence of Alpine Flow's product, including keystone high performance butterfly valves. It has an eccentric disc and the shaft is offset through the center associated with the pipe. The "double offset" relates to the two offset angles of this disc in addition to shaft. This design reduces the contact between the disc plus the seat, which minimizes wear and tear and prolongs the lifetime of the valve.

Why choose Alpine Flow Double offset butterfly valve?

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Double Offset Butterfly Valves

Double Offset Butterfly Valves are crucial components in many industries. In addition, experience the innovation and reliability of Alpine Flow's product, specifically wedge gate valve. They provide reliable performance, bubble-tight shut-off, minimal flow turbulence, and a lengthier service life. Double offset butterfly valves can be purchased in two types, Wafer and Lug, each having its own features and benefits. Their versatility, high performance, and low-to-zero maintenance requirements make double offset butterfly valves an ideal choice for several industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

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