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Electric gate valve

Whether you are an expert or just a beginner, electric gate valve can provide you with a simple and dependable way to control your water supply. Low water leakage, a secure shut-off, and tight flow resistance are some of the benefits of this valve

Flow resistance and unbalance force

A new arrangement for the valve seat and gate member can lessen electric gate valve flow resistance and unbalance force. A movable seat is not required in this arrangement, which reduces the amount of torque required to close the valve. Additionally, the valve can be actuated without mechanical failure thanks to this novel arrangement.

gate valve and seat assembly with a frusto-conical sealing surface between a gate and a seat is provided in one aspect of the invention. Under high pressure utilization, this sealing surface promotes extended service life and wear resistance.

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Sealing surfaces are welded using cobalt-chromium tungsten hard alloy

One group of materials used for surface sealing is stainless steel hardfacing alloys. They include alloys of all kinds, including martensitic grades, carbides, and alloy-alloy combinations. They can be used for a lot of things, like valve seats in engines with internal combustion.

Cobalt-base or nickel-base alloys are the most common types of stainless steel hardfacing alloys. For instance, the purpose of the formulation of stellite alloys is to enhance a surface's resistance to wear and corrosion. Nickel and chromium make up a significant portion of these alloys. Moreover, these materials have a high extent of tungsten.

Globe valves provide tight shut-off and a low chance of leakage

Globe valves typically have a tight shut-off and a low likelihood of leakage. Process plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and food processing facilities typically employ them. They are also used extensively in the chemical, oil and gas, and automobile industries.

A member of the combination air valve family are globe valves. The media can flow smoothly and evenly through these valves because they operate in a straight line.

Globe valves can be operated by hand as well. The globe valve plug is typically raised and lowered by a handwheel that operates on a lead screw. The disk can either be removed from the flow path or integrated into the valve body.


The operation of an electric gate valve can be local or remote, depending on the type of valve, such as electric butterfly valve and the electric gate valve. A hand wheel can be used to manually operate the valve if it is on a local site. An automated system can operate the valve if it is located far away.

Most of the time, gate valves are made to be fully open or fully closed. However, these valves' flow paths are non-linear with respect to the percentage of opening. As a result, most flow changes take place close to the shutoff. Lastly, there are some valves that can be opened and closed simultaneously.

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