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Fire protection gate valves

The protection of a building can be greatly improved by selecting the right kind of gate valve. They can be set up in various ways, from straightforward bolt-on models to trickier welded-in systems. These valves are helpful in other applications in addition to helping to protect a building from fire.


AVK fire protection gate valves have been designed and manufactured with safety in mind. They are designed to close in case of overheating of the pipeline. These valves can be used in a variety of applications.

The main benefits of these valves include protection of building, human life and equipment. They also help in reducing the amount of insurance rates. These valves also help to prevent fire spread if a air valve for water line and fuel valve are damaged. These valves are a very recent development in industrial tools that help prevent fire.

There are many different companies that offer fire-safe valves. The fire safety valve may include a primary drop-tight seat, fusible links, and a spring pack. They may also include a trigger assembly. This assembly is designed to maintain tension on the spring pack and close the valve when the valve is opened.

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Operating methods

Depending on the type of fire protection water gate valve you are installing, you may have to perform some form of inspection. These may include an inspection to determine whether there is any leakage, a test to find out if the valve is working as it should, or an ITM. The frequency of inspection depends on how the valve is monitored.

Some manufacturers have developed a system that can alert you when the valve is closed. This method, known as electronic supervision, can reduce the frequency of inspection. Depending on the type of valve you are installing, you may need to install special equipment to control the valve.

Fire protection gate valves typically operate the same way as globe valves. They use a plate-like barrier to stop fluid flow. The only difference is that the gate requires more time to open and close.

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