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Gearbox Wafer Butterfly Valve

Whether you're thinking about using a gearbox wafer butterfly valve in a pump or looking for a valve that can withstand a wide range of operating conditions, there are a few things to consider before making a choice. The double-offset structure, the type of butterfly valve itself, and its suitability for throttling or end-of-line service are all examples of these factors.

lug-style butterfly valve

In general, butterfly valves are classified into two types: lug butterfly valve style and wafer style. Both types have distinct characteristics and are best suited to specific applications. They are used to control the flow of various types of liquid, gas, and solid materials in pipelines, depending on the application.

A wafer-style butterfly valve is a simpler design that is commonly used in low-pressure applications. These valves are suitable for both electric and pneumatic actuation. They're also less expensive than lug-style shoes. They cannot, however, be used for end-of-life service. Wafer-style butterfly valves with four centring holes are available.

A lug-style butterfly valve, on the other hand, is used for end-of-line service, which means that the valve is installed between two flanges. These valves are made of metal and can be operated by pneumatic or electric means. Lug-styles are typically heavier than wafer-styles and have a shorter face-to-face dimension. Despite these differences, they share many features.

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