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Keystone butterfly valve seat

Because the performance of your system is affected by the butterfly valve seat that you select for your keystone butterfly valve, making the right choice is vital. Choosing the incorrect seat has the potential to cause issues with the system. When selecting the seat, make sure that you take into consideration the type of system you have, the placement of the valve, and whether or not you require a valve seat that is triple offset, made of PTFE, EPDM, or VITON. These are the four most common varieties of valve seats used in modern engines.


Choosing the right seat material for your butterfly valve is the key to a dependable seal. It must be able to tolerate the rough and tumble of industrial process. The seal must also withstand the rigors of repetitive opening and closing. To achieve this goal, manufacturers can design a seat to suit a variety of applications. The most common seat materials include PTFE, F250 and F251 as well as EPDM. Aside from the standard material, manufacturers can provide a range of complementary options, including a dual or multi position handle assembly.

The best way to choose a seat material for your butterfly valve is to make a list of your process conditions and stick to it. For instance, if you have a process requiring heavy duty industrial applications, you'll likely want to consider PTFE as a seat material. It has a wide temperature range from -50degF to 400degF. Additionally, PTFE provides resilience for the stem of your valve.

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Wafer design

If you are looking for a butterfly valve with excellent performance or a valve that can be used for a number of applications, Keystone carries a wide selection of valves that can meet your needs. Keystone, a company that has been in business for the past 70 years, carries an extensive selection of butterfly valves.

Wafer design The butterfly valve seats used in Keystone valves provide a superior seal that is less likely to become clogged. They are built to withstand the forces of collision as well as the heat stresses. In addition to that, they offer great resistance to corrosion. These seats can be fabricated from a wide range of materials to accommodate a number of uses. They can also be purchased in a Buna or teflon-coated EPDM variety.

Wafer Valves of the 222 Series from Keystone are driven by a spring return air actuation mechanism. The stems of the flanges are composed of stainless steel, and the flanges themselves are cast iron. The control valve positioner's output is used to drill and tap the valve, and the output also drives the valve. The seal on the keystone butterfly valve body is airtight and oil-free up to 25 PSI pressure. The flanges on the valve are designed to be compliant with the majority of the standards used for flanges.

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