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Keystone High Performance Butterfly Valves

The keystone high performance butterfly valves are an excellent way to improve water flow and control flow rates, whether installed in new construction or replacing older ones. These valves are available in a variety of styles, including straight-through and offset, and feature K-LOK, Metalseal, and Stellite overlay.


The Anvil Series 7700 Grinnell high performance butterfly valves, designed with the contractor in mind, provides an efficient way to control the flow of fluids through piping systems. This high-performance valve has a one-piece casting and a unique stem-to-disc connection.

The top flange is intended for mounting gear operators, levers, and other components. The smooth disc edge provides a bubble-free seal. The stem seal provides a leak-free shut-off in both directions. In vacuum and differential pressure, the elastomer seat provides drop-tight closure.

The Neles(tm) Q-Disc is a modular butterfly valve platform supplement. The Q-Disc is a high-performing feature that aids in flow balancing in control valve applications. The best part is that it is inexpensive.

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Triple offset

Triple offset butterfly valve, which were invented in the 1950s, are used in applications where the valve must completely close. They are suitable for oil, water, and highly corrosive materials shut-off.

A metal-to-metal seal is used in the triple offset valve to ensure a tight shut-off in high-pressure systems. They also keep the seat from wearing out. This design extends the life of the valve.

The butterfly valve's seat and disc are made of a metal-graphite laminate. These materials are resistant to corrosion and can provide zero leakage performance.

The butterfly valve's triple offset design allows the disc to seal against the seat without friction. This reduces both wear and torque.

Triple offset valves are also commonly used in applications requiring quarter-turn actuation. Seats are usually field replaceable. This design also saves money on actuation and maintenance.

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