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Modulating butterfly valve

Choosing the appropriate modulating butterfly valve for your application is a critical step in getting your plant up and running effectively and safely. The size of your valve can make a big difference in how much energy you consume, and the improper size can cause a lot of difficulties.

Wafer butterfly valve

A Wafer Butterfly Valve is excellent for your application, whether you are looking for a new valve or replacing an existing one. These valves provide high pressure and great performance, as well as a bubble tight shutdown. They are utilized in a wide range of industrial applications, such as wastewater management, food processing, and petroleum.

Wafer butterfly valve are constructed of stainless steel and can withstand harsh conditions. They are intended for isolating or controlling service and are electrically actuatable. They are also ideal for controlling the flow of suitable media due to their shape. Proportional control is enabled by their local controls in applications such as drinking water. These valves have push buttons or end of travel switches and are mounted between two flanges.

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On-off vs modulating control valves

A few considerations must be considered while deciding between on-off and modulating butterfly valves for your application. The type of valve control is significant since it directly influences your capacity to control temperature and flow. The proper valve will increase your output control and assist in avoiding downtime. It will also be less expensive.

On-off valves are commonly employed in shutdown applications, whereas modulating valves are intended to provide precise flow rate control. Both are intended to work with a control signal. The signal could be either electrical or pneumatic. The signal will tell the actuator how far the stem should be turned to open or close the valve. The signal also indicates how much temperature change is needed.

Modulating Automatic control valve are appropriate for applications that demand a certain level of control. They can be set between 0o and 90o. They give the precision needed for accurate flow rate control while also being able to adjust other variables.

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