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Motorized butterfly valve with actuator

You should be able to operate and properly maintain any motorized butterfly valve or valve actuator you install. You'll be able to get the most out of your investment with this.

Disc extends beyond the face of the valve body

Dissimilar to a commonplace butterfly valve, the plate of the butterfly valve stretches out past the substance of the valve body. The disc's seating surface is not on the valve body in this type of valve; rather, it is on a separate seating surface called the seat or seal ring.

A flange or seal ring, which can be made of forged or threaded metals, is typically the seating surface. Although the seal ring can serve as the disc's seating surface, it is typically not considered a pressure boundary component. When the valve is working together, it seals against the flanges instead.

Each of the parallel planar faces of the valve body has an annular groove. The face is sealed by an O-ring or gasket in the annular groove. The gasket or O-ring's outer extremities are larger than the valve faces' inner extremities. This makes it possible to install the valve at a reasonable distance from the equipment that is next to it.

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