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Motorized gate valve

Typically, applications requiring high flow rates and quick response times use motorized gate valves or electric actuated gate valve. These valves can be opened using either a hydraulic or an electric actuator. Electric actuators are frequently more economical than their hydraulic counterparts and are typically used for applications requiring quick response times.

Electric actuators

Plant damage can be reduced by using electric actuators to regulate the opening and closing of valves like the resilient gate valve. They are non-toxic, quiet, and energy-efficient. They are also responsive to remote control and work with centralized process control systems. Through the reduction of injuries, these devices also improve plant safety.

Identifying the torque necessary to operate the valve is the first step in selecting an electric actuator for the valve. The required torque is typically 1.2 to 1.5 times the maximum torque of the valve. Higher torques are necessary for some applications, though. In these cases, the oversized actuator can be managed by a relief valve or regulator.

The signal that controls the torque in a valve electric actuator is divided into voltage and current signals. The controls will either shut off the motor or distinguish between a normal operation and a tripped switch if the control torque is exceeded.

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Gate valves are typically forged from ductile iron or cast carbon steel. Their typically wedge-shaped parallel gate faces have parallel edges. Typically, this kind of valve is utilized in heating circuits and larger pipe diameters. In some cases, they are additionally equipped with bypass valves to lower pressure prior to operation.

A power source that has the ability to open and close a gate valve manually is known as a motorized gate valve. Additionally, it is built to withstand voltage shocks. All applications requiring a multi-turn valve can use this kind of valve.

The fact that the gate motion is contained within the valve itself is the best feature of this type of valve. A threaded stem may also be used to open the gate. The ability to precisely align the motion is an additional benefit.

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