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Os&y gate valve with tamper switch

Choosing the appropriate os&y gate valve with tamper switch will assist you in maintaining the effectiveness and security of your system. The safety features and adjustment requirements for these valves are listed in NFPA 13 table There are numerous additional suggestions for maintaining the effectiveness of your system.

Safety features

Various safety features are used to protect the components of the os&y gate valve. These safety features include a tamper switch, adjustable shaft and a single-side conduit entrance. Using these safety features, the valve is suitable for various applications, including fire sprinkler systems.

The OS&Y Gate Valve is commonly used to control water flow in fire sprinkler systems. These valves are also used in water supply lines for domestic purposes. These valves are available in various types and sizes. Among these, the OSY2A gate valve is designed for outdoor use. It features a rugged housing and a user-friendly mounting bracket. It is NEMA 3R rated for indoor and outdoor use.

The OS&Y Gate Valve can be fitted with a tamper switch, which alerts the fire alarm control panel when the valve is opened. This is especially useful in locations where valves may be tampered with.

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