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Pratt butterfly valves

The pratt butterfly valves provide a wide variety of solutions for your project, which can be selected according to the specific requirements of your application. Some valves have shafts that are resistant to corrosion, while others have structures that have double offsets. Valves of the wafer-style and the lug-style are two other choices.

Lug-style vs wafer-style

If you need to use a butterfly valve in your water system, oil system, or pharmaceutical system, you have an option between lug-style and wafer-style butterfly valves. This is true regardless of the type of system you need to use the valve in. Both are utilized in the process of regulating the flow within a circular pipe. The design is the primary factor that differentiates them from one another. In order to attach to a pipe flange, these valves can include lugs or threaded inserts.

The lug type butterfly valve include a threaded lug on the valve flange in addition to a threaded ear on the valve body. Because of these lugs, installing the valve and removing one end of the line without causing damage to the other is made much simpler. These valves are also available at a lower cost. However, in comparison to wafer butterfly valves, they do not have the same high pressure rating.

Butterfly valves in the wafer type butterfly valve are more space-efficient and lighter in weight. Stems and valve seats are often made of stainless steel when they are fabricated for these valves. The management of water, oil, and waste water all need the usage of these valves. In addition to this, they are suitable for use with either pneumatic or electric actuation.

The application should have a role in determining the material that is used for both the disc and the seat. Additionally, the material used to make the seat ought to be one that provides a good seal.

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