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Sanitary gate valve

There are a few things you need to take into account before buying a sanitary gate valve, regardless of whether you're building a new facility or upgrading an existing one. You need to locate a valve that will meet your needs well and that won't degrade quickly.

Non-rising spindle gate valves

Unlike shut off valves, gate valves are not limited to one way flow. They are used in various industries, including slurry, powder and fluid processing systems. They are easy to operate and replace.

There are two types of gate valves: rising and non-rising. The rising stem type is usually made from cast iron or forged steel. They have external threads and a stem that rises when the valve is opened. The stem also falls when the valve is closed.

The non-rising type is more convenient. It can be installed in limited space and requires less space to operate. The non-rising type is also a JIS-compliant product. It is ideal for limited space and clean liquid applications. The non-rising type can be padlocked.

Rising stem valves have less abrasion between the ball and the seat. They also provide great seal performance. However, they are less effective at controlling the flow of medium. Moreover, the flow velocity can cause vibration, which can affect sealing performance.

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