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Wafer end butterfly valve

When seeking for a low-cost and effective solution to control the flow of liquid, a wafer end butterfly valve can be a perfect alternative. These valves have a wide range of applications. The oil and gas industries are among the most popular applications. They can, however, be employed in other industries, including as water and waste water treatment.


There are various types of butterfly valve to pick from whether you are looking for a valve for your next project or replacing an existing one. Lug, wafer, butt, and butterfly are examples. You should select one based on your application and requirements.

Butterfly valves with lugs are designed to fit between two flanges. Most flange standards are compatible with these valves. They are typically composed of metal and are chemical and solvent resistant. They can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. They have applications in water treatment and process control. They are also suitable for use in chemical, food processing, and medicinal industries.

Butterfly valves with lugs are similar to three-piece ball valves. Instead of nuts, these valves attach to two flanges by threaded inserts. These valves may be placed quickly and easily maintained. They can also be repaired or replaced without requiring the entire system to be shut down.

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