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Wafer style butterfly valve

In most cases, wafer-style butterfly valves are utilized when the fluids being controlled have a narrower diameter. The cost of these wafer style butterfly valve is often lower than that of lug style butterfly valves. They also provide higher flow rates, which is another reason why they are the product of choice for so many different businesses.

Materials used for butterfly valves

The materials that are utilized to make wafer-style butterfly valves might vary widely depending on the application. They are developed to function effectively with a wide range of different materials. It is essential to choose the appropriate materials for the specific application you are working on.

The body and disc of a butterfly valve are frequently made of carbon steel. When corrosion resistance is a primary concern, this material is an excellent option for the job. This material can be acquired at a low cost and can be found in a wide variety of grades. However, it is not a good solution for environments that are prone to corrosion.

PVC is the type of plastic that is most frequently utilized while making butterfly valves. This material is unaffected by ultraviolet light and is lightweight. Additionally, it has a very long lifespan.

A butterfly valve can also be made of stainless steel, which is another prevalent material. A material that is resistant to corrosion is stainless steel. This material has characteristics that allow it to be categorized as either austenitic or martensitic, or even duplex. In addition to that, it is unaffected by salt, acid, or alkali.

There are also materials that are utilized for wafer-style butterfly valves, and these materials are created specifically for use in situations that involve high temperatures. These types of stainless steel include duplex as well as austenitic. These materials are superior to PVC in terms of their resistance to high temperatures as well as their excellent durability.

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