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Wafer type butterfly valve

It can be difficult to select the ideal wafer high performance butterfly valves  for your application. The range of flow control, the flange standards, and maintenance-free shutoff are the primary factors. Make the best choice for your application with the assistance of this article.

Standard flange standards

Typical butterfly valves such as motorized butterfly valve have metal seats and a circular disk. These are employed for gaseous, chemical, and liquid media. The valve is also utilized in cryogenic and vacuum services.

The valve's body is typically screwed into a pipe flange with a one-inch screw. With a minimum order quantity, smaller body sizes are nevertheless available. These valves can be used for unique applications, but they shouldn't be used when the maximum velocity that can pass through the valve exceeds the manufacturer's recommendations.

Stainless steel or alloys based on nickel are the usual materials used to create butterfly valves. These alloys have an austenitic structure for high temperatures. These materials have greater ductility and excellent toughness. In order to increase the steel's resistance to pitting corrosion, it is also heat treated.

The valve can have a lug or a flange. On the opposite side of the pipe, flanged valves are attached. This enables quick disassembly without turning off the system.

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Maintenance free shutoff

The market offers a variety of butterfly valve types. They are categorized based on the material, valve type, and mode of operation. Others are used in the water and gas distribution systems, while others are used in the food and beverage industry.

The butterfly valve disc has a disk-like shape. The flow through the pipe is restricted when the valve disc is closed. The spindle must be horizontal, and the disc must be aligned with the flow path, for proper operation. The valve is opened and shut by rotating the disc.

The stainless steel disc and centric disc bearing of the maintenance-free wafer type butterfly valve are both made of metal. The stem support on the valve has low friction. The valve also has a face-to-face length and an NBR sealing collar.

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